Feminism, Poetry

Barbie’s Hymen.

Barbie is a funny girl.

Jokes around all day,
spilling new theories
that she overhears
at water-coolers,
about how her hymen was discovered.

Barbie’s hymen
Wasn’t discovered!
It was distorted
and construed
for fetish and validation
of lost souls
on the brink of madness.

Barbie’s hymen can be claimed
by the State,
and put into an evidence box
should the need arise,
to investigate
Because any moment now,
Barbie is presumed to lie through her teeth
with a straight face
to get back
at society.

Barbie’s hymen is as broken as her heart
If not less.
But it’s also tough.
It can stretch and expand
to swallow all the insecurities in the world
but it will not swallow her pride.

Barbie’s hymen is the precursor
Of a syndrome.
A syndrome that measures
Self-worth with bloodied sheets,
Honor with compliance
And leaves a trail ugly cut-marks
On a million trembling thighs,
On a million trembling dreams.

Last summer Barbie read Camus.
Now she and her hymen,
Against the absurd.

— Shantashree


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